M-AlarmiPhone, iPad and iPod

M-Alarm plays your favour song or YouTube video in the morning to wake you up. Can you imagine the unlimited possibilities? Now you can play any video (e.g. movie, idol, dream girl, dream car etc) from YouTube. NO MORE HATEFUL alarm sound as you wished.

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  • M-Alarm

    • M-Alarm is a LED style alarm for iOS. It supports 3 types of alarm sound: Song (from your iPhone/iPod/iPad), video (Play directly from YouTube) and standard alarm ring.

  • Video alarm (YouTube)

    • Simply copy and paste the YouTube video link into the video setting.
  • ITune music

    • Select your favour song from ITune music library.
  • Alarm Notification (Battery saving mode)

    • M-Alarm support push notification, the alarm function still on even you exited the app.
  • App name M-Alarm
    Platform Apple iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch
    Main functions: - 3 alarm types: Song, Video (YouTube) and Alarm ring
    - Large LED display style.
    - Brightness adjustment.
    - Notification alarm.
    - Preview song and video.
    Latest version 1.2 (27-03-2012)

RockCat Studio

RockCat Studio Limited is an application development company for mobile phones and tablets. Founded by a group of talented people that are specialising in mobile app development. We are passionate about mobile apps.


M-Alarm v1.2 (27-03-2012)

  • New-Added Notification Alarm. (Alarm still working even the app is closed)
  • New-Added Date display.
  • New-Added brightness function. (Simply touch the screen left and right)

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User reviews

"That is what we are looking for in the morning: YouTube alarm !!!"


"I am enjoying all my babes video in the morning. :) Happy Day"


I like M-Alarm because I can enjoy my Lady GaGa in the morning. No Apple build-in alarm!! Its suxk. :)


Good concept to combine Alarm with YouTube. I give it 4 stars, because it takes some battery life if I leave the app on all night. Anyway, if you use the charger, then no problem at all.